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It's Not NOT Funny

Writing dark humor is an art form. By looking at how other authors use irony, misdirection, hyperbole, incongruity, and surprise, students will learn how to craft  short stories that are both transgressive and transformative. Along with craft discussions, weekly readings of writers like Adam Levine, Simon Rich, Helen Ellis, and Lorrie Moore, students will also workshop their own short stories. Even if you don't consider yourself a "funny" writer, this class can help you learn how to thread an element of humor into your work to play with tension and release.

Empowered Women's Writing Circle - Women Writing with Wisdom and Creativity

The Empowered Women’s Writing Circle uses prepared writing prompts to release the creative self as you discover your unique voice. The workshop will follow the Amherst Writers and Artists (AWA) approach where creativity is nurtured, confidentiality maintained and writing takes place in an encouraging atmosphere.  If desired, we share our work and give positive feedback as careful listeners.








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