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TUITION For Class:
             $700 (not including $15 RMV Driver’s Education Certificate Fee)
                     Payments:  $300 due at registration                         
                                      $400 due on final payment date

Students with balance due will not be eligible to take the final class/final exam until payment is made in full.
             $25 missed driving hour or cancellations made without 24 hour notice 
                                      (cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance)
             $150 Instructor/DE car usage for weekday license test 
                                      *must be arranged at least 2 weeks in advance– Brockton or Plymouth registry only

             $100 Instructor/DE car usage for WH weekend license test 
                                      *must be arranged at least 3 weeks in advance– take test at Whitman Hanson High school

             $50 Text books not returned on the last day of class (Online class does not require a book to checkout.)
*Students must be 15 years 9 months old or older on the first day of class
Signed permission slip must accompany registration (Please email signed form.)

15– 2 hour classes 
February, April, June, August, October  class—5 days Monday-Friday 9am-3:30pm. Online Classes weekdays 9am-11am or 5pm-7pm. A link will be sent via email for class. 
· Students must arrive on time to class to receive credit and attend the entire time no late entry/early release from class.
· Students need to be in school to attend driver ed class/driving hours. All office obligations, detention etc. supersede DE.
· Bring your text book and pencil/pen to each class. Virtual classs requires a internet connection. 
· Students must pass the final exam with 80% or better– make up exams can be taken during a regularly scheduled program or by appointment with Driver Ed office.
· Be sure to read before each class and complete the review exercises in the text.
· Students with inappropriate language, disruptive behavior or excessive talking will be dismissed from class and required to make up the class in a future program.
· Parents will be notified when students are dismissed due to behavior– 2nd offense students will be expelled from program and forfeit all payments.
Every missed classroom hour must be made up. Students must make up the exact class missed during a future scheduled driver ed program.
Students must complete: 12 hrs of driving- 6 hrs minimum of observation
                                    40 hrs of parental supervised driving             
· Students must register their permit number with the Driver Ed office in order to have access to the online scheduling program– schedule2drive.
· Limited to no more than 2 driving/observation lessons per week
· Scheduled after school Monday-Friday and Saturday’s– Meet instructors in specified location at WH High School
· Must have your permit
· Proper eyewear and dress required- No open toe shoes or sandals allowed while driving
· Students must make arrangements to practice at home in addition to what they will do with the driver ed program
Parent/Guardian must attend a 2 hour driver education class before student starts the program. As long as it is in the same school year, parents can attend any parent class scheduled before the start of the student program. If a parent has attended in the last 5 yrs. for another family member, submit proof to the DE office.   Only one adult needs to attend. 
Once student has completed all classes, passed the test, completed all driving hours, and parent has attended a parent class, submit a $15 check or MO payable to WHRSD . We will submit check to the RMV for processing (approx. 1 week). RMV website: www.mass.gov to track processing. Weekday road test booked by student. Reserve you WHRSD Weekend road test with Driver Ed office.  Students must complete all requirements within 2 years, as specified by MA RMV.
  • Schedule a Road Test- See Mass Driver’s Manual or www.mass.gov for road test information and fees.

The student can schedule a road test appointment once they become eligible and their Driver Ed certificate has been approved by the RMV.  Students under 18 must have their permit for 6 months and complete the driver education program before being eligible to schedule a road test.

WH Driver Education does not schedule weekday road tests.

WHRHS Driver Ed can take a student for their weekday road test. The cost is $150 which includes 1 hour of practice, use of the driver ed car, and sponsorship for the test.

Weekend road tests at WH high school are available by appointment. The cost is $100.
Please contact the Driver Ed office for a step by step guide to schedule a car/instructor to accompany you on your road test.

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