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 Us Hindi Foundation ( USHF )  

(Jano Hindi/Bolo Hindi/Semi-Private/Private/Adult)


1.  Is my child eligible for your classes?

Your child is eligible for our classes if they are at least 5 years old on August 1 for Level 1. From our extensive experience teaching over the years, we feel children under the age of 5 are not ready for our courses.

2. When do your classes begin and end?

Instruction commences during the final week of September/October and concludes during May/June. The school year consists of about 20-28 classes once a week, depending on the school’s calendar, comprising one complete Jano Hindi Level. Each class is one hour in duration.

3. When does enrollment begin?

We open classes for enrollment in early August. We provide a list of schools on our website that depicts the current locations approved for the school year.

Please note that we will continue updating the list with additional schools as paperwork for these sites is approved. Several school districts such as San Ramon, Pleasanton, Dublin, and Evergreen typically lag other school districts in finalizing paperwork. These schools may open for enrollment in September. 

If the schools permit, we will provide fliers for each child to take home notifying you that enrollment has begun. Alternatively, please join our mailing list by emailing addmlist@eduhindi.com to stay up to date with us.   

4. Can I enroll my child on a monthly basis or pay tuition in installments?

No. USHF has fixed costs, and therefore we cannot modify our weekly cadence of instruction or accommodate tuition in installments.

5. The day and time for the class at my school is inconvenient for me; can I enroll in another location?

Yes. All our public schools/sites are open to everyone. Unless specified otherwise, private schools are only available to their students.

6. My child has been learning Hindi elsewhere; can my child still join USHF classes?

Yes. Please consult the teacher for the location you are considering or reach out to customerservice@eduhindi.com so we can discuss the appropriate Level for which to register your child. We believe it is essential to place your child at a Level that accurately aligns with their knowledge and skills for their development. Once we select a Level, the teacher will carefully assess your child’s level of comfort in class on the first day of instruction.

7. The day and time for the class at my school is inconvenient for me; can the day be modified at the school?

The day and time for our classes are usually the same as the previous year at the school to maintain consistency. However, if every student collectively agrees that another day and time would be more convenient, we can reach out to the school and potentially make a modification.

8. Do you provide classes on weekends?

Yes. Some locations offer classes on the weekend.

9. 3 classes have already been held; can I still enroll? 

Yes. USHF allows enrollment up to 5-8 weeks after instruction has commenced. From our experience, we feel that teachers can assist students in catching up. We recommend reaching out to the teacher if you would like to join after the first 5 classes. Note that we cannot prorate classes since they are already under way.

10. Before enrolling my child can I have a trial class and are there any fees attached to it?

Sorry, we do not give a free trial class. You can sign up for the session and after the first class if you do not wish to continue for any reason then you can request cancellation within 24 hours (please see below #12 for our cancellation policy). 

11. My child has learned some Hindi from classes at home. Do you recommend enrolling in Level 2?

From our experience, we have found that students who have not learned Hindi in a formal professional environment are not well prepared for Level 2, and we tend to find gaps in the skillset and knowledge base of these students. This may hinder their progress in Level 2 which often discourages them from further development in the language.

Our Level 1 program extends far beyond teaching the alphabet – it is a comprehensive program that introduces speaking, reading, writing, and comprehension in a student friendly manner. During Level 1, we immerse our students in a highly creative, engaging program with games and strategies that introduces them to a specific way of thinking about learning Hindi.

Our goal is to place our students at the MOST appropriate level. Based on our years of experience, we recommend that student enroll for the lower level in the case of doubt. Once informed, the teacher will carefully evaluate the student during the first class, and we can modify the student’s level up or down as best for the student.

Cancellation policy:

12. What are your cancellation policies?

We provide a full refund, with the exception of a $25 processing fee, upon cancellation within 24 hours of the first class. We will not be able to provide a refund 24 hours after the first class.

If USHF is compelled to cancel a class due to low enrollment, we will provide a full refund.


Class Policy:

13.  What is the size of your classes?

Our classes range from 5-10 students on average, with a maximum capacity of 20 students per class.

14. How much homework is assigned?

Our teachers assign about 30 to 60 minutes per week of standard homework depending on their Level.

15. My child does not know any Hindi; is any basic knowledge of Hindi expected?

No. Level 1 is designed for students without any knowledge of Hindi. We start at the very beginning.

16. My child can understand and speak Hindi well but cannot read or write it; what level do you recommend?

Your child certainly has a head start; however, since they have not had any exposure to reading or writing Hindi, we recommend Level 1.

17. Do other programs utilize the same books and materials?

No. USHF creates, designs, and publishes/manufactures its own eduHindi student and teacher material in the United States.

18. Can I independently purchase the Jano Hindi books?

No. As per USHF policy, we cannot make such book sales, given that our material is proprietary. Any Jano Hindi material is distributed only through our classes.  

19. Are make-up classes provided if my child cannot attend for any reason?

No. We are unable to provide make-up classes, as our class dates are predetermined.  Our teachers regularly send emails and communication with parents and students at home, facilitating students to independently catch up on any material missed.

20. What if I am late in picking up my child after the class?

We charge a $3 per minute fee for all pickups completed 5 minutes after class ends. We want to respect the time of our teachers and school facilities while also ensuring the safety of our students. 

21. Can parents observe the first class?

No. We have observed that children become conscious in their parents’ presence when learning a new language, and therefore we ask that parents wait outside the classroom.

However, parents may be permitted to attend the final 15 minutes of the first class at the teacher's discretion. Please reach out to the teacher for further information.

22. I want to transfer to another school but their fees are higher. Will I have to cover the difference?

Yes. The difference in tuition must be covered prior to the transfer. Additionally, there are transfer fees.

23. What is your transfer policy and transfer fees?

Any transfer of student to another class is allowed only within the same session the classes are held. So, a summer session student can be transferred to another summer session class only and not into a fall session or spring session or vice versa. Transfer is NOT allowed between sessions under any circumstance.

The transfer fees within a session are as follows:

  • after 2-5 classes - $50
  • after 6-9 classes - $75 
  • after 10 classes - $100 


USHF Policy:

24. What is USHF’s learning philosophy?

Here at USHF, we believe that learning Hindi can be fun for children. Our program is centered around our core philosophy that children learn very quickly when provided with the appropriate tools, guidance, and personalized learning environment. As such, we go to great lengths to design and develop our own child-friendly textbooks,

25. What USHF’s teaching philosophy?

Our classes provide a fun, creative, and highly interactive environment aimed to develop our students to speak, read, write, and understand Hindi. We segment our classes to ensure they provide diverse learning opportunities to keep our students engaged, active and self-motivated, emulating academic instruction at their school.

26. What will my child learn specifically in their first year?

All our classes focus on reading, writing, speaking and understanding Hindi. In their first year, students will learn the alphabet, colors, numbers, poems, and introductory conversation.

27. How will my child continue to learn in the following years?

After their first year, your child will be eligible to enroll in Level 2 in their second year. Our program offers 6 levels, allowing our students to develop what we feel is ultimately a highly advanced, rigorous understanding of the language. 

28. Relative to reading and writing in Hindi, I prefer that my child learns Hindi conversation; will my child learn conversation?

Yes. Every eduHindi Level has units focused on developing strong conversation skills. Here at USHF, we believe that reading and writing support conversation and vice versa, and therefore, our curriculum focuses evenly on conversation, reading, writing, and comprehension. We believe that each of these four components reinforce one another in our students’ developmental trajectory. Additionally, research indicates that learning how to write a foreign language is extremely beneficial for brain development.


 29. My school does not currently have a Jano Hindi program, would it be possible to start one there?

Yes. We would be happy to set up classes at your school. Please reach out to customerservice@eduhindi.com.

In the meanwhile, we recommend that you enroll in the closest available alternate location.

30. How can my child benefit from learning Hindi?

We believe children benefit immensely from learning a second language. Also, in many cases, Hindi may represent a component of your child’s cultural heritage. 

Research shows that children derive many benefits from early language instruction, including the following:

  • Superior complex problem solving skills
  • Enhanced creativity, memory, listening skills, and improved SAT/aptitude scores


          Bilingual Kids Article by Times Magazine (CITE THESE AS FOOTNOTES ON WEBSITE WITH SUPERSCRIPTS)

          Bilingual Kids Article by UNiv. of Tennessee

31. How can a first grader and fifth grader be in the same class?

Over the years, we have observed that regardless of academic level in school, our classes are most effective when each child is placed at the appropriate level in our courses. Our teachers have plenty of material and strategies to make learning Hindi both fun and challenging for each student based on their individual learning style.

32. How long has USHF been in operation?

USHF was founded in 2006, although our curriculum has been in use since 2001. Since 2006, we have taught around 6000 students.

33. Can my child receive credit for these courses?

In accordance with the nationwide high school foreign language policy, students can only receive foreign language credit for courses completed in high schools. Thus, if your child takes our courses in elementary or middle school and later takes Hindi classes in high school, they will do very well in their high school Hindi classes.

Upon completion of Level 5/6, students may take the LTI (Language Testing International) examination, which can allow them to skip one year of high school Hindi. If the student does not enroll in high school Hindi, the test result can be submitted with the student's college application, given that the LTI certification is accepted by all colleges in the United States.

34. Do you offer sibling or early bird discounts?

No. We do not offer sibling discount or early bird discount.

35. Do you provide transportation after classes?

No. We are unable to provide transportation of any kind.

36. Why is there a difference in tuition at some locations?

Our fees in the Bay Area vary based on our rental fee at the hosting site. As a nonprofit organization, our rate structure is not flat; instead, we adjust tuition based on the facility costs we incur to provide what we believe are the lowest tuition costs feasible for our students.

37. It looks like the books are completely in Hindi. Is there material translated in English?

Yes. We maintain the same material with English meaning and transliteration. We find that this can be helpful for parents who hope to learn along with their child and monitor their child’s progress at home. This is located under the Products section of our website, and teachers also have a copy. Please note that this material is NOT intended for students’ use – only for parents.

38. Does tuition for classes qualify for tax deduction since USHF is a 501c (3)?

No. While USHF is a nonprofit organization, tuition paid to USHF is not a donation and instead is provided for receiving services in the form of Hindi instruction. Therefore, tuition does not qualify for tax deduction.

39. How can we as parents support our children’s learning process?

We believe that language cannot be learned in isolation. We encourage parents to encourage their children to speak Hindi at home, by themselves or with their family and friends.

We also encourage parental supervision of weekly homework, especially for younger children. We feel this enhances rapport between the parent and child in the student’s Hindi developmental process.

Additionally, we strongly recommend our Jano India camps held in the summer. These are highly interactive programs that provide structured and fun learning at the child’s level. Please visit www.JanoIndia.com for more information. Camps are full day programs at various sites in the Bay Area.

40. How are combination Level classes taught?

Sometimes we merge two different Levels into a single class to reach the minimum enrollment for the location. Our teachers are trained to teach classes up to 20 students and are trained to adapt to teach combination level classes. Please feel free to reach out to the teacher with any questions or for additional information.

41. Why have tuition fees increased relative to last year?

USHF is a nonprofit organization, and we aim to provide our students with the lowest fees feasible. Note that rental fees charged by schools have generally increased, and we must cover expenses including faculty salaries, room rental, website registration, marketing, administrative, curriculum research and development, and publishing costs.

Teacher’s Qualifications:

42. What are your teachers’ qualifications?

All of our teachers are highly qualified and trained professionals with post-graduate education and many with Bachelors and Masters degrees in Hindi. Our teachers participate in regular rigorous training throughout the year. They also participate in Hindi-specific training with the guidance of the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL).

IT Support: