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About Us

Our Mission

US Hindi Foundation (USHF) is a (501) (c) (3) registered, non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and teaching Hindi and Indian Culture in the United States since 2006.

Trademarks and Intellectual Property


eduHindiTM, Jano HindiTM and Jano IndiaTM are trademarks owned by US Hindi Foundation (USHF). Illegal use of these trademarks by anyone other than US Hindi Foundation is illegal and subject to legal action.

All eduHindiTM and Jano HindiTM textbooks and workbooks, student and teacher materials are copyrighted with the Library of Congress and the US Copyright Office. This material can only be used by US Hindi Foundation. Use of these books by anyone else is illegal and subject to legal action. Also, no part of any of this material may be copied or distributed or modified in any form by anyone. Any such use or misuse of this copyright material will be illegal and subject to legal action. 

Jano Hindi Classes 


Jano Hindi Classes provide a very unique, creative, fun, highly interactive environment and focus on developing speaking, reading, writing, and understanding Hindi skills. The class is broken up into segments to offer learning opportunities of varying kinds so as to keep the children engaged and active. Children are taught in the same manner as they are used to in the regular schools with special emphasis on keeping them interested and motivated. It also makes sure that each child is encouraged to proceed at their own pace. 

Level Prek:  PreReq-None: This is an immersion class meant for ages 3-5 where children will be exposed to the language through stories, games, songs, arts and crafts. Children must be 3yr old and above on August 1.

Level 1:  PreReq-None: Beginning class that will cover the alphabet, numbers, colors, poems, and starter conversation. Select middle schools Only:   This class is an accelerated class that will cover the Level 1 and Level 2. Children receive a Bronze Medal at completion. Children must be 5yr old and above on August 1.

Level 2:    PreReq-Level 1: Second year class that will cover the matras (vowel and consonant combinations), beginning vocabulary, introduce stories and continue beginning conversation.Children receive a Silver Medal at completion.

Level 3:  PreReq-Level 2: Third year class that will strengthen the reading, writing, speaking and understanding skill set while adding vocabulary, reading intermediate level stories and emphasizing conversation through drama. Children receive a Gold Medal at completion.

Level 4:  PreReq-Level 3:  Fourth year class that will make the conversation, reading, writing and understanding firmer and fluent through higher level stories, fun exercises, build higher vocabulary and practice conversation through lot more structured conversation exercises. Children receive a Trophy at completion.

Level 5:  PreReq-Level 4: Fifth year class that is designed to take reading, writing, and speaking Hindi to an advanced level through advanced constructs, grammar and continued focus on real life conversation. Children receive a Certificate at completion. 

Level 6: PreReq-Level 5: A sixth year Hindi language class that focuses on speaking grammatically correct Hindi with confidence; while providing engaging and unique cultural content for enhancing reading, writing and comprehension at a higher level. Creativity in content and activities which is the hallmark of Jano Hindi will naturally be continued.

Level 7:   PreReq-Level 6: Students have an excellent opportunity to be an assistant volunteer at any Jano Hindi class. This gives them an amazing chance to continue being present in our highly engaging Jano Hindi environment thus absorbing it while assisting young students. Children receive an official certificate certifying their volunteer hours.    
Level Private:   PreReq - None: A special program to assist children who are unable to find a class that works with their hectic schedule and/or if they want private classes and/or if they are going to go to India and want to learn Hindi in order to make that transition easier! Class will be taught at a custom level appropriate to the set of kids.  
Level 1-1:    PreReq - None:A 1-1 program for those who wish to have this convenience. Available for children and adults. Please call to set this up.     

Level Adults:  PrePeq- None: A six level program which will focus on conversation and reading Hindi. Commonly used and frequently used Hindi constructs, vocabulary and grammar wil be covered which is intended to give confidence in spoken Hindi. This program will focus on spoken Hindi for everyday usage, travel to India or for assisting your children acquire Hindi.         


Camp Jano India - Summer 

Celebrate Indian culture, languages, arts, festivals, literature, cuisine, and leaders. Weekly themes are brought to life through related arts, dance, games, projects, stories and theatre in a very unique, exciting, creative, interactive, and structured style.

Our Instructors

All USHF instructors are native Hindi language teachers, have the passion to teach Hindi and are very highly qualified and highly educated professionals. Few have Bachelors and Masters in Hindi as well. Above all, they all are very dedicated to the support of Hindi in America. The Instructors are trained by USHF and aside from that, they get special national level training from the premier language organization setup by the federal government - the American Council on Teaching Foreign Languages (ACTFL). Not only does this give a boost to their style of teaching, they also become familiar with the testing methodologies that are applicable for Hindi . Thus, when students become eligible to prepare for an examination by the LTI ( Language Testing Institute) , our Instructors will know how to prepare the children.

 Registration Policies: 

Classes at private schools are open only to students of that school unless stated otherwise. Classes at public schools do not have such restrictions.  However, all campsites are open to all students even if the site is a private school.

Children enrolling in Level 1 for the first time must be 5yr old or above on August 1.

Cancellations and Refunds

Jano Hindi Classes:
Registration fees will be refunded once a written request for cancellation is received within 24 hrs after the first class. A processing fee of $25 will be deducted. No refunds will be made after 24 hrs after the first class. No prorated refunds will be given. Full refund for a course cancelled by the organization will be processed automatically. The organisation reserves the right to change teachers and cancel classes when necessary. A processing fee of $25 is required for paper or phone registrations. No makeup class is offered for classes missed by the student.

Jano Hindi Transfer Policy:
A transfer fee is applicable when students are transferred from one Jano Hindi class to another.There is a $25/child transfer fee if the transfer is done after student materials have been received and before Nov 1. The transfer fee will be $50 from November 1, $75 after December 1 and $100 after Jan 1. Please go to the catalog(JanoHindi.org) -> Products->Current Student->Transfer Class where the transfer fee payment may be done and the transfer form completed and mailed to registration@eduhindi.com. An email confirmation will be sent after space availability is confirmed at which point the child may start attending the new class. If there is a tuition difference between the two classes, it will also have to be paid prior to doing the transfer. We are unable to approve those transfers which will cause the enrollment in any class to fall below our minimum.

No transfer out can be done if the original class is a class where the payment was collected by a third party other than US Hindi Foundation. Thus, one cannot transfer from a recreation department class where the city's recreation department collected the tuition.
Pickup Policy & Late Pickup Fees:

Please pickup children as soon as class ends in order to avoid late pickup fees. A late fee of $3/min will be applied 5 min after end of class. If late fee is applicable an invoice will be sent to your email. Payment of late fee should be done online. If there are any unpaid dues at the end of the year, the child's certificate and medal will be withheld until the balance is paid online. 

 Attending First class without Enrolling

Children may try out the first class. However, for liability issues, the parent should complete a waiver form (with instructor) before the child can sit in the class. 

Class Calendar
Class dates are chosen based on school/district calendar provided by them. Sometimes, the school informs us at the last minute if they are unavailable to provide a room on a particular day. In such cases, the parents will be informed as soon as possible and a makeup will done at a time suitable to all. It is quite possible that a date is cancelled due to instructor being unwell, in which case also, all parents will be duly informed and a makeup will be provided. These situations are not under our control, but we try to mitigate their effect as much as possible.

Behaviour on School Grounds and Property
If a child is found to be disruptive or disrespectful in any form or not able to follow school rules in the Jano Hindi class or Camp Jano India by the classroom teacher(s), it may result in his/her dismissal from the class or camp for the rest of the session. USHF will offer no refunds. Classroom teacher’s decision is final. Parent and guardian also accept liability for any material damage caused by the child’s behavior in school.

USHF leases the sites for the duration during which Jano Hindi classes are held. USHF is thankful to the sites for this great opportunity. Without this, Jano Hindi could not be provided to your students. Hence, students and parents are requested to be respectful of school grounds and school property. The classrooms need to be respected and none of their property may be handled by anyone. Jano Hindi students may use only the tables and chairs provided, nothing else. Should a child be found handling school property in an unappropriate manner, appropriate action will taken by USHF.

Similarly, the parking lots and driving areas within school property are governed by the school rules which must be adhered to. Parents and guardians who are dropping and picking students are reminded to be mindful of driving speeds(5MPH) and the fact that many kids may be out on the pathways at that time. Any incident of any sort will result in the child being prohibited from attending at that site as this is governed by the site and they can make this decision. Should such a situation occur, USHF will not be able to refund nor waive the transfer fees if applicable.
USHF is not liable for any situation involving the child and school property. Parents and guardians of the children will be held liable under these circumstances.
Kids Enrolled for Late Start Hindi Class

Due to space constraints placed on us by the hosting sites, sometimes we need to conduct 2 classes on the same day, back to back. 
The students enrolling in the later start class are welcome to sit quietly while the first class is being conducted. This is a special concession being made to accommodate the kids since they may not have another safe place to wait until their class starts. However, it is very important that they follow the class rules, do not disturb the class that is in progress. If they are found to be disruptive and unable to follow the class rules, they may be asked to drop out of the class and no refund will be issued.
This option is valid Only for Weekday
 classes which are held right after school and only for the kids from the hosting school.
Curriculum Completion Policy

Our eduHindi textbooks and workbooks have been designed inorder to give a lot of freedom to grow the child at his/her own pace. Our goal is to teach at just the prime level suitable for the child where he/she is challenged just about enough while enjoying his classes and progress. Our goal is not to finish the books for the sake of finishing. Having said that, our goal is to try and finish the books if possible. Also, parents should be aware that some classes offered thorugh the recreation departments or third party are held for less than 26 weeks. Thus, in these classes teacher will make utmost effort to cover the curriculum but it is likely that it may not be practical to finish. In such cases, the teacher will do her best to cover the missed material in the following year.

Privacy Policy
When you make a purchase using a credit card, we collect your name, your billing address for the card, the card type, number, and expiration date. We collect this information in order to bill you for your purchase.

The security of your personal information is very important to us. In our efforts to protect your online transactions, we use a technology called Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). If your browser is capable of SSL (and most are), your personal information will be automatically encrypted, or encoded, before it is sent over the Internet. We have also obtained a digital certificate from GeoTrust, Inc., a leading provider of Internet trust services. When you enter a secure portion of our site (which is any page containing any of your personal information), an image of a closed lock or a solid key should appear in the bottom bar of your browser window. This certificate guarantees that your personal information is being transmitted in secure (encrypted) form to our Web server, not to some unknown or unauthorized server.

We value your trust very highly, and pledge to you, our customer, that we will work to protect the security and privacy of any personal information you provide to us and that your personal information will only be used as set forth in this Policy. This includes your name, address, phone number, email address, and credit-card information, in addition to any other personal information that can be linked to you, personally.

We do not and will not sell or rent your personal information to anyone. You have the right to control your personal information as you see fit. We collect only the personal information you allow us to collect, and then it is used only to help us serve you better.




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