Albany level 3. Albany Senior Center. Saturday) JanoHindi Level 3: Albany, CA

 This third year Hindi class is being offered for students who have completed Level 2. It will strengthen the basic reading, writing, speaking and understanding skill set. The Level 3 curriculum will emphasize on taking those skills to the next level. Special emphasis will be placed on comprehension, sentence construction and building vocabulary. Games, puzzles and other interactive tools will be used to make it fun.


Humble Request to Parents: As the schools are going green, we request you to inform at least 5 non-JanoHindi friends about this program. As a non-profit we want to continue this program so that it can benefit the community. We believe that a language is beneficial to all only if more people know it! Thank you.  

Additional Information:
Grades 2+/level 3/Saturday 11:00am-12:00pm/Albany Senior Center/Open to Public Dates:Sept (22,29),Sept (28), Oct (5,12,19,26), Nov (2,9,23), Dec (7,14,21), Jan (11,18,25), Feb (1,8,29), Mar (7,14,21,28), Apr (4,25), May (2,9,16,23,30) (28 Sessions); Room-TBD; Class Fee: $560 Tuition + $55 Materials Fee