Did you ever walk into someone's home and think "how did they do that?"

The first of this two-part class takes place in a historic Maplewood home designed with contemporary, mid-century and antique furnishings. Students will receive a composition and color tutorial as illustrated in these interiors. The next session is a two-hour private consultation in the student’s home where the instructor will curate and arrange the existing furnishings. Prioritizing the homeowners’s next steps will be discussed. We will have fun, and make the most of what you have! These individual sessions will be scheduled with the instructor. Emily Zacharias’ background includes design, fine art and enhancing homes and offices.

Student Testimonials:

My experience with the home enhancing workshop was like hitting the home design lottery! - Audrey Rowe

Emily took my rather odd and entirely uncurated assemblage of furniture and decorative items, and rearranged them so brilliantly that my home was suddenly elegant and casually stylish -- and still felt like my home! It seemed like a magic trick. - Tricia Tunstall

Additional Information:
The second part of this class is a two-hour private consultation in the student?s home at a mutually convenient date and time.