Acrylics are easy to paint with and a great medium for beginners. Learn different brush stroke techniques as well as how to mix and blend colors. Artists of all levels will enjoy experimenting with different styles including realism, abstract art and painting from observation. Supplies (approx. $40) available from A Paper Hat, 94 Baker St., Maplewood. Mention this class for a discount. GERALYN ROBINSON, experienced art teacher and exhibited artist.

Supply List:

Paints A2 or Liquidtex paint only:  Cadmium or Scarlet Red, Cadmium medium Yellow, Ultramarine or Phalo Blue,  Hookers green, Burnt umber, Payne’s Gray in Golden not A2, Large tube of White or two A2 tubes, No black

Nice to have but not necessary for class: Raw sienna, Magenta, Unbleached titanium 

Canvas boards or stretched canvas boards: 9x12 up to 16x20

Brushes: Oil brushes only. Make sure you are not given watercolor brushes; oil brushes are harder, much better for acrylics

No 1 or no 00 round for details,  No 6 flat, No 8 filbert, No 10 round, No 12 flat to cover large area

Palette paper, Container for water, Roll of paper towels,  Old  tshirts or old shirt as a smock, Small Sketch pad and pencil, photo reference to work from