This small-group class highlights the fundamental key principles of Pilates while guiding and progressing you through the basic and intermediate level mat work. We will focus on core connection, flexibility and balance. Students will be guided through sequentially targeted exercises at a consistent pace for strengthening, stretching and toning the body. You will walk away feeling toned, lengthened and accomplished. Wear loose, comfortable clothing and bring a yoga mat to class.

KATIE DESMOND, certified pilates instructor. Fascinated by the patterns in the human body and how the everyday wear and tear of work, stress, and daily living can be impactful, Katie loves observing how clients benefit from the immediate positive effects of a challenging workout, and how Pilates creates physical and mental change beyond the studio door. As a former gymnast, she was immediately sold on Pilates because of its inherent combination of strength training, flexibility and balance control—A system that freed her from lower back pain, provided stress relief, and improved her golf swing.