Female? Male? Trans? Intersex? Cis? Gay? Straight? Bi? Poly? Feminine? Masculine? Queer? What does any of it mean? Why are those meanings so very important to us? How does it all play out in the world? We will utilize the works of Queer/Gender Theorists and artists to explore our own understanding of gender. For each class there will be a reading/video/visual work and a writing prompt based on that source. Prompts will give each student the opportunity to explore these topics by accessing their creative mind. If you're afraid to take this class because you're not up to speed on the latest language or you worry that your question/s might offend, then this is the class for you. All are welcome - all genders, all gender presentations, all sexualities, all levels of understanding! The classes themselves will consist of sharing that week’s work-in-progress (either in small groups or with the group as a whole depending on class size) and receiving feedback. Feedback will be based on Liz Lerman’s Critical Response Process (which will be introduced during the first session). ROGER ROSEN is a teacher, performer, poet, essayist, playwright, comedian, sex positive Queer and Gender Theorist, questioner and explorer. He has taught Queer Theory at the University of San Francisco and Elon University as well as worked with queer-identifying kids through the Hetrick-Martin Institute.