Do you like ghost stories? Do you like to feel the back of your spine tingle with terror? Anyone who has ever had a paranormal experience will tell you it’s not something you will soon forget. In fact, it can make a true believer out of the most skeptical of people. And these experiences are more common than you would think--especially in an area like MAPSO with plenty of old houses that often come with creaky stairs, strange knocks on the walls and other unexplainable phenomena. Here’s your opportunity to listen and share your experiences with the other side--whether it’s a sign after a loved one’s death, close encounters on a Ouija Board or a noisy ghost in your house. So grab a glass of wine, dim the lights (if you dare!) and settle yourself into a night of paranormal exploration. A team of paranormal investigators from EPICEDIUM PARANORMAL will guide the conversation and offer their own stories as well as insight into the stories shared.