Each person has a professional and personal reason to speak—the necessity to be heard. The instructor will focus on discovering your intentions (to give, to share, to train, to teach). Identifying this personal connection will inspire you, build your active listening and take the focus off of yourself. Your experience of speaking will change and confidence will increase. This class is learned experientially; it is active and fun. EMILY ZACHARIAS is a performance coach to professional actors, writers and clergy. For more information, visit her website: www.enjoyspeaking.live

"Emily begins with a basic philosophy that totally dismantels the idea that public speaking is something to be feared. Each class made me feel more confident than the last." MaryPat Porinchak, Clinical Nurse at Memorial Sloan Kettering

"In just a few sessions, Emily led me from being a nervous rather subdued speaker to a presenter who can address the audience with fervor, humor and interactive energy." Tricia Tunstall, Ph.D. International speaker on El Sistema Programs

"Emily is insightful and supportive, she brings people out into the limelight with constructive comments and engaging techniques." Eva Michele, Vice President of Development/Chief Architect MTACC

"In one coaching session, Emily helped me change from being a nervous and self-conscious reader of my memoir into a person who thoroughly inhabited the story I was sharing with the audience." Dr. Jan Jacobson, therapist and author