As we are all discovering, living through a pandemic has many adverse effects -- both mental and physical. Taking a holistic approach, this class will help you keep your mind and body fit during these challenging times. Students will learn how to breathe diaphragmatically, stay mentally active, get adequate sleep and stick to a healthy diet rich in fruits, vegetables, fiber, lean proteins and healthy fats. Participants will learn how to incorporate mindfulness strategies to help destress and sleep more soundly, leading to healthy weight loss. LISA CHARLES is the fitness/wellness research coordinator for the Rutgers University Aging Brain Health Alliance and CEO of Embrace Your Fitness, LLC. She is a health & wellness speaker, certified health coach and wellness/fitness coach and trainer. Lisa served as a state and federal prosecutor but entered a life of fitness after losing 77lbs. Lisa created “Brain Fit” - the Brain Body Connection to help teach individuals how to achieve optimum brain-body health. 


The Adult School recommends that students seek their physicians' advice before participating in exercise classes.