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Nithila Peter


Nithila Peter, PhD is EI Coach and Counsel for individuals and leaders.  She works to uncover and partner with a person’s life-work.  Dr. Peter generates a transformational alliance. walking them all the way to the other side of new possibility, new strengths and a deeper dimension of intrinsic joy – using the vocabulary of emotions and allied competencies.

 She is a graduate of University of Southern California (USC), critical studies program from the School of Cinematic Arts.  She has her undergraduate degree in Physics and two Masters’ Degrees in Communications and Critical Theory.  Her doctoral work focused on the cinematic vocabulary that communicated higher order emotions birthed by human encounters with the Sacred, in cultures across the globe.  The creation of human purpose and meaning in the midst of transformative experiences of chaos and catastrophe.

She works with passionate individuals, teams and leaders initiating and sustaining their journey with Emotional Intelligence, with her palette of 42 light and dark emotions. She specially focusses on the vocabulary of emotions necessary to experience trust, value, peace, change and purpose.  The unique vocabulary that builds the culture for each individual's life-work.   Parity Podcast Founders -, Deborah Pollack-Milgate and Cathy Nestrick worked with Nithila's EI Counsel for each of their episodes on Season 1 (2021).  Nithila has been featured on the 7th Parity Podcast, The Treasure Trove of Emotional Intelligence: An Interview with Dr. Nithila Peter 

 She currently partners with Dr. Bernard Jaworski, the Peter Drucker chair from the Drucker-Ito School of Management and the Liberal Arts at Claremont University, CA, on studying the leadership journey of Compelled Leaders from around the world. Their joint study is shaping into articles, workshops, leadership memoirs and a book on Compelled Leadership.  In the context of this work, she has initiated the process of co-authoring a memoir with Quentin Thorne Kelly of WorldWater&Solar Technologies, an engineering firm in Princeton, New Jersey. 

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