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Rafael Ponce de Leon


Rafa was born and raised in Mexico City. He very quickly identified his passion for cooking since his youth. He captured the ecense of Mexican food through hands on trainings with different cooks in their own kitchens in Mexico,incvreasing his interest in original recipes, cooking processes as well as in native ingredients.

After a long term career in the health care industry he decided to pursue his passion for cooking, perfecting his skills through formal trainings in Mexico, Europe and US in recognized institutions like Bocconi University, International Culinary Center of NY and with Chefs like Susana Moreira in Madrid, In 2016 he started up Las Patatas de Rafa a catering business specialized in Authentic Mexican food and international options, serving private and corporate events in NJ.

Rafa, cook and owner of Las Patatas de Rafa a Paella fan for decades will share with you the secrets to prepare this amazing dish, one of the most popular in his menu. Trained in Madrid Spain by Chef Susana Moreira, professor at CSHM Rafa got the skills to master this dish that offers to his customers for delivery or prepared on site at their place.

Rafa is happily married and proud parent of two growing kids, he had a college degree from UNAM in Veterinary Medicine, relocated into the USD in 2011.


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