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Chefs of the JM Group


Edgar Urias
At the age of fourteen Chef Edgar came to the United States from Guatemala began working in various local Princeton restaurants including the Nassau Inn, Triumph Brewery and Main Street before landing a job at the Blue Point Grill in 2001.  Chef Edgar honed his skills on the line, and developed professionally as the business grew.  He was promoted to Sous Chef in 2005 and in 2008 became our Executive Chef where his attention to detail, culinary enthusiasm and eagerness to learn has created a customer focused experience the Blue Point Grill is famous for. The Blue Point’s fish entrées are simply prepared requiring Chef Edgar and his team to focus on precise cooking techniques to allow the flavors of the huge variety of seafood served each evening.  From the rich flavors of Portuguese Sardines and Octopus to the delicate sweetness of Jumbo Halibut from Nova Scotia, Chef Edgar has mastered the art of delivering a great, consistent meal while continuing to find new ways to excite the palates of his staff and guests.  This enthusiasm spills out of the kitchen and on to the customer’s plate each evening and we hope you will plan to find out for yourself sometime soon.

Jose Lopez

JOSE LOPEZ, head chef at Nassau Seafood was born and raised in Guatemala. He will teach techniques and cuisine of Central American heritage – as seen through the eyes of a highly experienced chef whose interpretation of the cuisine have also been shaped by living and working in the Princeton community for a quarter of a century.

Alex DeCasenave, executive chef, Witherspoon Grill


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