148B) The Herrontown Woods Experience: Hiking and Exploration (Woods Signs of Early Princeton Along the Ridge: Quarries, Smallholder Farms, Timber Harvest)

The mix of nature and culture at Herrontown Woods provides a window into the past. Hidden in what today is a forest are clues to a time, a century ago, when Princeton's ridge was a patchwork of small farms, woodlots and quarries. Participants will learn to recognize these clues, and the history behind them.

NOTE: There is some hiking on trails so please wear appropriate footwear to each class. Please meet at the main parking lot for Herrontown Woods, 600 Snowden Lane, across from the Snowden Lane entrance to Smoyer Park.

Purchase all three sections (148A-148C) for $100 and save $20. (Register with class 148D for package)