091) Bonsai for Beginners, The Sked Street Bonsai Garden (In-Person) (see note for location) (all material fees included)

What's up with these amazing miniature bonsai trees, right? Here are some questions you will be able to answer if you take this course:

  • What are the origins of this amazing combination of art, technique and biology, and where did it all start?
  • Are these trees different plants than the trees that we see growing in our neighborhoods and forests? (In most cases, they are the same!)
  • What is the year-long biological life-cycle of these trees, and how is understanding this biology important to growing successful bonsai?
  • Where can we find the plant material that we use to create bonsai?
  • How long does it take to create an impressive bonsai? (It depends, but some pretty nice results can be had within about three years...)
  • What are the three basic "training" techniques used to shape bonsai?
  • What are the main styles of bonsai trees?
  • Are there straight-forward design rules that can be applied to create the great style of a successful bonsai tree? (Yes, there are!) 
  • And most importantly: Can I be successful at creating and growing bonsai trees? (Yes, you can!) This will be a hands-on class. After the first session, all sessions will involve creating, potting, shaping, and  pruning actual bonsai trees.

NOTE: Materials included: two pre-bonsai trees, two pots (at least one of which will be hand-made ceramic), soil, and training wire. You will be able to borrow all needed tools (but I will recommend that you buy one tool that costs under $20). Thats it—everything you need (soil, bonsai wire, pots, etc.) will be provided! (The trees will be either temperate or tropical or both, depending on what material is available at the start of the class.) You will finish the course having created two bonsai trees to keep.

You will also receive the mini-book "Bonsai for Beginners" that I have created, in electronic (pdf) format. Questions? Feel free to contact me at cstern2@gmail.com. See you in May. Limited to six students. Class will be held at The Sked Street Bonsai Garden, 322 Sked Street, Pennington, NJ.