086B) Ikebana Floral Arranging (In-Person)

Open to all levels of experience, this course will teach students how to create beautiful floral arrangements in the Ikenobo-school style of Ikebana, the oldest school of Japanese floral arrangement. This course will involve hands-on learning of the techniques and structure used in several different styles of arrangement, and will also cover basic spiritual concepts behind the arrangements. Students will complete an arrangement in each class. For those students who wish to advance their level, a Certificate of Completion from the Ikenobo School of Kyoto, Japan, will be granted for an additional fee and will be discussed in class.

NOTE: Students will need their own scissors/flower cutter, vase/container ($50 and up), and a pin frog/kenzan, all of which may be purchased from the instructor or bring your own. Floral materials will be provided by the instructor for $175, payable to the instructor at the first class. Please bring a shallow, wide, open-mouthed container to the first class (bowl vase, or fruit plate is okay for the first class). Students can take either Section A or B, or both, as they are separate classes.