128) Cacao Ceremony with Yllari (In-Person)

Join this ceremony to connect with the spirit of Cacao and to yourself; and learn how to create a personal Cacao ritual at home. Considered as a sacred plant by indigenous communities from Central and South America, Cacao brings awareness of our true selves, and strengthens our connection to nature. This 90-minute ceremony includes practices from around the world, including Peru, Yllari’s home country. Please, avoid coffee, alcohol or heavy foods the day of the ceremony. And bring a special mug! Participants will receive a Cacao journal and a small crystal to use for their Cacao ritual at home.

NOTE:  This course will be held at Tipple & Rose, 210 Nassau St., Princeton, at the corner of Nassau St. .and Moore St. Traditional Cacao jarrito (mug)and ceremonial Cacao samples will be available for purchase at Tipple & Rose.