123) Your Better Balance (In-Person) (see note for location)

Have you ever felt off center or clutzy? Have you tripped walking upstairs or are you afraid of falling? Did you know we begin to lose balance and agility after the age of 40? Would you like to incorporate simple skills to regain confidence and poise? If so, this course is for you! On day one you’ll transform how you see the body and learn how to achieve your optimal balance. With each passing week you’ll gain increased confidence. We will be focusing on (1) correcting the posture from within, (2) utilizing the breath to focus, energize and relax, and (3) regaining fluidity and strength in key areas we often don’t pay attention to. Equally important, we’ll all have fun as we practice! Participants should bring a yoga mat.

NOTE: Class is held at Suzanne Patterson Building, 45 Stockton St., Princeton (Monument Hall). Enter from Stockton Street to parking lot.