008) Government: The Inside Scoop (In-Person)

This course will include a review of the operations and finances of local, state, and federal governments. Why are New Jersey taxes so high? How can we lower them? How does the federal government manage the economy? We will examine the causes of recent inflation and the effectiveness of the federal government to get it under control. Will we ever return to low interest rates? We will examine the recent massive increases in government spending and the impact on the growing national debt. We will discuss the top underlying causes of federal budget deficits and identify possible solutions. How will this impact Medicare and Social Security? Will these programs be there when we need them? The financing of healthcare in the US is broken. We spend twice as much per person compared to most industrialized countries yet leave almost 10% of Americans without coverage. It is gobbling up an ever-larger share of government expenses and will continue to do so unless major reforms are undertaken. We will examine why this situation exists and explore options that directly address the problem. Lastly, we will examine the issue of climate change. How did we get where we are and how effective have government actions been in addressing the problem?