034B) Medea - From Myth to Stage to Screen

Medea, rejected by both her husband, Jason, and Corinth’s xenophobic patriarchy, murders her children in a vengeful fury. This course explores Latin excerpts from Ovid’s Metamorphoses, Seneca’s play Medea, and passages based on Apollonius Rhodius’s Argonautica, using bilingual (Latin-English) texts; classes will include: grammar and vocabulary review (or introduction, for those with little-to-no Latin); and (for more advanced students) reading of Latin poetry. Films and video-recorded plays (in English or with English subtitles) complement discussion of the works’ perennity, from Greco-Roman societies to modern-day questions of racism, sexism, immigration, and such clinical pathologies as the “Medea Syndrome” (i.e., vindictively involving one’s children as a form of spousal harassment).

NOTE: Students who register for this course may take it in-person and/or on-line (at no extra cost to those who attend both sessions). If you are interested in joining both sessions, please email the office after you have purchased one seat and we will notify the instructor on your behalf.

Section A: Tues., 6:00–7:00 pm (In-Person) PHS, Oct 25, 6 sessions

Section B: Tues., 8:00–9:00 pm (Virtual) Oct 25, 6 sessions