024) Artravesty, A Fresh Look at Known Art

So often we look at great art where the meaning is hidden right before our eyes. Learning art history helps of course, but even with that knowledge, one frequently misses many an element, particularly the salacious details. Yet artists were humans first, often very intensely so, and one would be well-advised to seek the “human” in their works, in addition to the “didactic,” the “moralistic,” the “illustrative,” and the “ineffable." We shall begin with the most human of all human qualities – SIN and spend some time in the Sistine Chapel, where a great sinner, Michelangelo by name, expiated his transgressions by making them public. We will then travel, at our leisure, to whatever time and/or place our fancy shall take us, searching for human cupidity, which shouldn’t be hard to find. To find a sample of the style and spirit in which the course will be conducted, look on the instructor’s YouTube page, Elena L. Rubinova, for a sampling of an abbreviated Artravesty series.