141C) Wine Tasting Extravaganza! - Uncommon Grapes

Section C: Uncommon Grapes
Fri., 6:00–7:00 pm, April 8, 1 session

There are over 1,300 grape varieties in the world. We’re taking you out of your comfort zone and shelving the regulars (you know, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, and Cabernet) and taking you on a journey in a glass featuring four wines that are uncommon and delicious. These wines may have you reconsidering your allegiance to your favorite grape variety.

All classes include a wine sample kit so you can sip along with our wine specialist. Students must sign up at least one week in advance so we can arrange for preparation and delivery of the tasting kits. The instructor will meet students at the Princeton Shopping Center between 6:00–7:00 pm on the evening before each class. Students may also pick up kits at Versi Vino (461 Route 38 West, Maple Shade, NJ). No refunds will be offered if you are unable to pick up the kits in advance of the class so please be sure to check your calendars before registering. Students must be at least 21; ID required.