167B) Seven Principles for A Successful Retirement: A Course for Women of All Ages

Women are living longer than ever. Preparation for a successful retirement means savings for retirement while funding all other life goals (education, weddings, vacations). If you have retirement savings and are uncertain as to the next steps or if you have not started yet – this is the course for you. The seven principles will help you identify the factors that must be considered in planning for a long life as a woman, what you need to do today to fund retirement, how IRAs, 401Ks, saving accounts and financial products can be transformed into a “pension”. We will analyze the effect of taxes, social security, and medical expenses in a retirement plan and will address differences for single, married, divorced, or widowed persons. You will walk out of this class with actionable ideas. This is a women friendly class—all questions are welcome and there will be no “mansplaining “.