132C) Sunday Morning Forest Therapy Walks

Section A: Sun., 9:00–11:45 am, March 6, 1 session
Section B: Sun., 9:00–11:45 am, April 3, 1 session
Section C: Sun., 9:00–11:45 am, April 10, 1 session
Section D: Sun., 9:00–11:45 am, April 24, 1 session
Section E: Sun., 9:00–11:45 am, May 1, 1 session
Section F: Sun., 9:00–11:45 am, May 15, 1 session

Based on the Japanese practice of Shinrin Yoku, or Forest Bathing, Forest Therapy Walks are designed to engage one’s senses and allow individuals to reconnect to the More Than Human World. These walks are slow, deliberate explorations that cover on average less than a mile while benefiting participants physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Social distancing and mask wearing are required during most of the walk and each walk is concluded with a modified tea ceremony. All walks are very accessible as the terrain is quite simple to navigate, bathrooms are a consideration as Covid makes them less accessible so please consider this possible inconvenience. Give yourself the gift of time and harmony with a Sunday forest therapy walk.

The instructor will provide information of the meeting place via email. All students are required to follow safety precautions as mandated by the NJ Department of Health.