064) Harmonica I

Whether you are a returning student, a beginner, or want a refresher, aspiring students will learn how to play this fun instrument that fits conveniently in your pocket. Have a little or no musical experience? You will learn how to sit in with a band, play around a campfire and entertain your guests for years to come.

NOTE:  Students should acquire a One Diatonic Harmonica in the key of C (10 holes)

Some Suggestions for Harmonica:

1.    Fender Blues Deluxe Harmonica, Key of C

2.    Hohner Golden Melody, Key of C

3.    Hohner Special 20 Harmonica. Key of C

4.    Lee Oskar Harmonica, Major Diatonic Key of C

5.    Hohner Marine Band C Harmonica.

Also, after the first night purchase the following text:  First 50 songs you should learn on Harmonica, Publisher – Hal Leonard

Session I
• How to hold instrument and play single note
• Play single note exercises
• Play a simple song using singles notes (lean on me)

Session II
• The Major Scale
• Techniques on how to play notes – more advanced
• Reading the musical notes
• Using the major scale

Session III
• Chords
• Demonstrate how to play 3 notes at once
• Patterns of Chords
• Piano Man Intro

Session IV
• The Bend
• How to Use tongue and mouth to bend notes
• Solos from various songs and selection of solos for each student
• Performance Prep

Session V
• Shuffles and more Songs
• Patterns
• How to listen, site read and play popular songs with numbers
• Intro to blue
• Performance Review

Session VI
• Blues Jam with Piano Accompanist
• Performance Review

Session VII
Dress Rehearsal: Backing Tracks and Zoom Audio Test for Performance:

Session VIII
Zoom or Live Performance