036A) Doodling: Lines, Shapes, and Color (Art for Fun)

You don't need to think of yourself as an artist to make marks on the page and have fun. Doodling, painting, cutting, and pasting is not only enjoyable it can be a form of relaxing and even a form of meditation. Join Eleni for a free-form art practice informed by quotes and poems, prompts and themes to ensure you rarely have to look at a blank page. The class can be repeated any number of times as prompts and themes are always new and changing. Explore your imagination and natural creativity. Learn a variety of techniques using pencils, markers, water-based paints, and collage.  No art experience required! 

Recommended Materials: a variety of pencils and markers; water-based paints (watercolor, acrylic, or gouache); some brushes and cups for water; mod podge (or matte medium) and collage elements;  mixed media art journal (Canson or Strathmore spiral bound 9 x 12, or any size you prefer) and a variety of loose paper.