035) Watercolor Magic: Catching the Light

As spring explodes with color, are you drawn to watercolor’s ability to capture a mood or moment with spontaneity as colors mix and seem to float on the paper? We’ll focus on fundamental watercolor properties and techniques to create paintings from life, photo reference and imagination. Appropriate for newer and the more experienced. Class is limited to ten students.

Basic Art Supplies List for Watercolor  - Instructor: Janet Waronker  jbwaronker@gmail.com

These are my recommendations, but feel free to choose or use what you have already in watercolor paper, brushes, tubes or cakes.  I purchased these supplies locally and online at Jerry’s Artarama.  Available at many online art suppliers. 

Watercolor Paint. All primary colors (R,Y,B) have either a warm or cool hue. Starting with six colors, you can make a range of beautiful secondary and complimentary (neutral)  in your paintings. I prefer tubes.

Listed below are Winsor Newton, Daniel Smith professional grade and Grumbacher student grade paints. Professional grade has more pigment and more cost. Tube sizes are 5ml or 15 ml.  Larger tube is double the price, 3x the size. For now, I’d choose colors from one brand. 

Winsor Newton Primaries:  below: Pick 1Warm plus 1 Cool of each Primary:

YELLOW: Hansa Y Medium  plus New Gamboge; RED: Windsor Red  plus Permanent Rose (or Alizarin); BLUE: Ultramarine Blue plus Winsor B. or Phthalo B. (greenshade) ;Optional:  Burnt Sienna, Raw Sienna light

Grumbacher Academy Paints

YELLOW: Golden Y plus Lemon Y ; RED: Scarlet Lake or Grumbacher Red plus Thalo Crimson

BLUE: Ultramarine Blue  plus Thalo Blue plus

Optional:  Burnt Sienna, Raw Sienna light

FYI: I have been using Daniel Smith and Winsor Newton paints for the last three years. My current warm and cool primaries are: Hansa Yellow Medium, Quinacridone Gold, Organic Vermillion red plus Permanent Rose and Carmine,  Manganese Blue Hue, French Ultramarine, Cobalt  Plus: Burnt Orange, Phthalo Blue (gr. shade), Green Gold.               

One Watercolor Palette  suitable for use with tube paints.

Mijello Airtight compact, portable box with 18 well.

Pike Palette with lid: large with 20 wells and lots of mixing space,

PAPER:  1 Full sheet 100% cotton paper (or one watercolor block) Cold press, Fine. I recommend trying good quality paper for watercolor.  Brands: Arches and Fabriano are sold in full sheet, 22x30”.  They are 100%cotton, 140# Press  TYPES: Cold press, fine or rough and hot press with no texture.  Brands, size, quality and price vary. Start with a sheet of cold press fine grain, bright white.  A large sheet makes six  10 x11” or four 11x15” papers.

 Arches makes. the same quality paper as a watercolor block with 10 bound sheets. 10 x 14. Or your preferred size. No backing board needed.

Backing Board Foam Core 12 x15 or preferred size. Only used when painting on a single sheet of paper. To  keep it from warping, attach with Artist Tape ½” White.

One Sketchbook made for watermedia (needs to be at least 100# paper).  Brands include:  Strathmore (400Series), Fabriano, Stillman & Birn  (B Series)  Sizes vary: up to 11” x 14”

Two Watercolor Brushes that are Short handled Synthetic. One 8, Round, #12 Round.  One ¾” Flat.  I’ve been using Silver Brand (or similar synthethic brand). 

Water container, paper towels or a rag , tissues; 2B or B Pencil,  kneaded eraser, or plastic eraser.  Black Fine sharpie to label you colors in palette.