066) A Gentle Introduction to Musical Harmony

We will listen to a variety of classical, jazz, and pop music to learn how the music is constructed from common chord patterns. You will see how almost all western music is constructed from a very limited repertoire of chord sequences —once you learn those, you will be able to harmonize much of popular music. What you need to know: it would be helpful if you can read music (if not, you can learn enough as we go along to follow the course). What you need to have access to at home: a piano or digital keyboard is essential. You can get a cheap one through Amazon. Since this course is being taught remotely, you will need a tablet or laptop or desktop with internet access … a smartphone can work, but it is difficult to view the music I will be presenting on a small screen. What is absolutely required: A love of music (any music) and curiosity about how music is built. Goal at the end of the course: To be able to sit at the piano and play (with no sheet music) most popular music, including Christmas music, folk music and some Broadway/pop music.