029) Inside Documentaries IV

The murder of Kim Jon Un’s brother in a crowded airport; champion Megan Rapinoe fiercely pursing a lawsuit against the soccer establishment; Anthony Bourdain’s complicated life and mind. These are some of the subjects of a great new crop of documentaries for us to watch and dissect. These filmmakers have gained remarkable access and intimacy, and they are giving us a window into a wide range of human emotion and experience we might otherwise never see. Like in the previous three sessions of this course, we will pull these films apart and learn how they were shot and edited, funded, sold and received.  This session we’ll also take two films on the same subject and compare them to learn why some films succeed better than others. The course will be taught by an Emmy winning documentary filmmaker and will include both lively discussions and a “behind the scenes” look at what it takes to bring these films to an audience