029) Myths Alive: Art and Myth in the Classical World

Monsters, gods, and heroes - classical myths have them all, as well as forbidden love and women gone wild. What all the myths share is that they inspired many works of art in the ancient world, including sculptures, mosaics, and everyday objects such as vases. In this course, you will learn about deities like Zeus and heroes like Heracles. You will also gain an appreciation for the influence classical myths have on Western culture from Botticelli to Star Wars. We are offering this special class as two stand-alone courses or you can register for the entire ten weeks and save $35.

Topics each week:

  • Myth in Service to the State: The Parthenon
  • Mythical Parties: Dionysus and the Thiasos
  • Epic Myth Pt. I: Iliad
  • Epic Myth Pt. II: Odyssey
  • Epic Myth Pt. III: Aeneid