099B) Online Bridge: Defense in the 21st Century


In a bridge bidding auction, you and your partner win the contract, or you lose the contract. Losing the contract might be disappointing, but it does not mean game over. With the opening lead, the battle for masterpoints has just begun. And every bridge player knows the thrill of defeating a contract is sweet.

Defensive strategy and partnership agreements are part of a well-rounded bridge player. We will be following the ACBL Defense in the 21st Century-Heart Series curriculum.

Topics include: opening leads against suit and notrump contracts, second and third hand play, and defensive signals we will also review bidding concepts related to the 5 card major system.

Knowledge of Bridge Required

Notes: Typical sessions include direct instruction and playing hands at an online bridge table where everyone gets to practice the skills taught or reviewed in the lesson.

Equipment Required: Internet Capable Device

Free Online Software Used: Zoom, Shark Bridge, & Bridge Base

For more information call 856-795 PLAY (7529) or email bernadette@gamefriendzy.com