066) Design Your Own Pendant Necklace (includes all material fees)

Design this exact necklace out of real semi-precious stones. You will learn how to select the proper beading wire for your necklace while attaching a clasp. You will have a basic introductory to wire wrapping techniques that can be applied to a variety of jewelry making. 

NOTE: Students must provide their own tools. Students can purchase flat nose pliers, round nose pliers, wire cutters, and a beading mat at Amazon.com or Michaels.com. The pliers and beading mat start at about $5.55 and up depending on the brand. Amazon.com has beading mats, pliers, and wire cutters. Michaels.com has pliers and cutters only. All other materials will be mailed to the student. Make sure that your mailing address is current and accurate in our registration system as that will be where your materials will be sent. Registration for each course ends ten days before the start date to allow time for mailing materials.