061) Figure It Out: Hand-building Ceramic Figures

Get your hands dirty in this online adventure. Together, we will dig into your creativity, transforming a lump of clay into a tangible figure. Step by step, you will develop a three-dimensional figure, be it animal, human or other. You will learn hand-building techniques such as pinching, coiling, and slab building.  Students will have the option to build entirely in clay or incorporate found objects into your construction. Each Zoom class will demonstrate techniques on building body parts based on your design. Students are encouraged to have ideas and a rough sketch prior to our initial meeting. No prior experience required. Class is limited to ten students.

NOTE: Students must obtain materials prior to class from Michaels, Jerry’s Artarama, or online.  The cost will be around $40, depending on the source. Materials needed: Amaco self-hardening clay 5# Marblex, 11 pc. clay tool set by ArtMinds, 2 oz. or smaller acrylic paint by Craft Smart (black + your choice), small paintbrush. Please visite https://rlwiggles.wixsite.com/rebecca to see a sample of figures that the instructor has made.