055) Film Photography Class

Analog photography currently experiences a comeback since film is a different medium than digital and leads to different effects not easily reproducible in digital. The workshop provides an overview about different camera types to shoot film, and how you can become more efficient using the medium film either purely analog or in parallel with digital. 

Session Topics:

PART 1: This class instructs about small, medium, and large format film photography and provides an overview about commercially available films and benefits of each film format with pros and cons compared to digital photography. Learning to expose film correctly and understanding the difference to digital light metering. Digitizing negatives and positives for quickly sharing the achieved results (2 hours)

PART 2: How to develop film with B&W developers, C-41 process for color film development, and E-6 process for slide film development. Darkroom printing techniques overview and how to work with digital negatives to combine digital and analog workflows (2 hours).