045) Exploring Layers in Mixed Media

Working in layers is a common and important process used by many artists. It is a wonderful way to incorporate a variety of media in one piece, gives the work depth and texture, allows for different areas of a piece to dry before other parts are applied, and helps the artist focus on developing smaller bits of a piece one at a time. Each week we will incorporate conventional (watercolors, drawing, color pencils, paper, canvas) and unusual (stencils, fabric, paper scraps, book pages, string, photos) materials, working on different layers each class, piecing the layers together bit by bit. The Instructor will discuss how choice of color and media create different effects. Each student will end the course with a completed work of art.


Course Materials:

Supplies can easily be ordered online for curbside pick up at Jerry’s Artarama in Lawrenceville or Michael’s, and can also be ordered for delivery from these places and Blick Art.

  • set of pan watercolors (any brand, can be as little as 8 colors…we will work on color mixing)
  • plastic paint palette (can be a plastic or plastic coated plate)
  • round brushes (if you have just one brush, this is fine, any size 4, 6 or 8)
  • one flat or cradled wood panel approximately 12 x 12 or larger, but can also be rectangular)
  • one canvas board or stretched canvas (approximately 12 x 16, or 11 x 14)
  • a pad of watercolor paper  - any weight or brand, approximately 10 x 14 or any size
  • gel medium (gloss or heavy gloss 4 - 8 oz.; Artist’s Loft brand from Michael’s is fine and least expensive, but any brand such as Jerry’s house brand, Liquitex, or Golden is good)
  • color pencils - any kind
  • drawing graphite pencil  - any hardness, can even be a regular 2B pencil
  • other:  scissors, water cup, table salt, eraser, paper towels, stencils, old photos, scrap collage papers, old torn book papers, fabric scraps, bubble wrap scraps, yarn scraps)

Questions? Contact Julie at  info@artsparksstudio.com