041) Virtual Eye for Stained Glass Design on Glass

Welcome to my virtual art room! This session's spotlight: Stained Glass Design! Let us explore the exquisite style and history of stained-glass design and enjoy the elegant painting process on a glass plate! Learn innovative techniques and applications using graphite pencils, fine point marker, and acrylic paint.

NOTE: Please have your art supplies ready prior to the start of class. Class is limited to six students and the online sessions will consist of step-by-step demonstrations and video presentations followed by a collaborative studio art time. From sketching to coloring, virtual lessons allow the student to enjoy the creative process and are great for all artists who flourish with small group attention.

ART SUPPLIES: cost is under $25 (can be purchased on Amazon.com):
• Paper and pencil (for sketching)
• Sharpie fine point marker
• 2 clear, glass dinner plates, 10-11” (no engraved pattern)
• Golden Heavy Body Acrylic Set
• ITNRSIIET Paint Brushes Set, 10pcs
• Mod Podge, Glossy or Matte (8 fl.oz jar)
• Paper plate
• Aluminum foil
• Plastic Cup for water
• Paper towel