038) Watercolor Magic: Outdoors

Watercolor is portable and a favorite for painting outside as well. There’s an option to paint locally on several weekends (following weather and CDC guidelines). Appropriate for newer and the more experienced. Class is limited to ten students.

NOTE: Class will be held outdoors at Hinds Plaza, 65 Witherspoon St., Princeton, NJ.

Supplies for working outdoors:

I like to paint outdoors and take photos to use as reference at home. To that end, I pack supplies in a bag that is light weight/portable. I also pack a light folding stool and a light easel. But you can draw and paint without these at Hinds Plaza, where there are public chairs and tables. We’ll meet there for first class. 

Please feel free to bring whatever watercolor supplies you already have. Please refer to my supply list as needed.

Here’s what’s in my outdoor painting cloth bag:

Small Palette with lid  (about 5 x 11”).

Heritage Arts: 18 wells (with secure closure) or

Creative Mark: 15 wells (with lid I secure with a rubber band)

They need to be filled with tube paints. In 5ml or 14 ml size. 

A Palette Option:  Windsor Newton and Daniel Smith both make travel paint boxes already filled half pans of watercolor cakes.

Watercolor Paint Tubes: I fill my palette with paints before I so, and dont carry them with me. I choose two hues of each primary (one cool, one warm), secondary colors and earth colors. Winsor&Newton paints are listed here:

Cool Reds: Alizarin Crimson or Permanent Rose,

Warm Reds; Cadmium Red or Winsor Red

Cool Yellows: Aureolin or Hansa,

Warm Yellows: New Gamboge

Warm Blues: Ultramarine, or Cobalt

Cool Blues Phthalo Blue (green shade) or Turquoise

Green Gold, Sap, Cadmium Orange ,Burnt Sienna, Payne’s Grey Lunar Black:

Water:  water-tight plastic bottle 16oz at most, a small empty wide mouth  jar w.lid, 4-5 tissues, 3 paper towels or small piece of cotton towel. ½ of a sponge

Brushes: Flat ¾” , 1 or 2 Rounds: (Not smaller than #8 or larger than #14)

A brand I currently use is SILVER (the one with white hair).Synthetic- good point and springy.  A cloth brush carrier for pencils and brushes

Paper: I use Arches 140# cold press 100% cotton paper. I cut a full sheet into 4 to 6  smaller pieces – take one or two with a backing board and clips or artist tape to hold it. Or I use a watercolor block of the same quality paper.11x14 or smaller.

One Sketchbook suitable for water media:

Stillman & Birn Beta Series: 8 x 10 or  5 x 8”. Smooth, strong, great with water and inks, doesn’t bleed thru page. This in a bound book with a soft cover.

Strathmore Watercolor cold Press 400 Series: 12 sheets 9 x 12 or smaller.