001) Up Close and Personal: Africa

Join the Adult School’s deep dive into Africa’s rapidly evolving cultural, environmental, and political realities guided by scholars, some of whom have lived under Apartheid and frequently return to their home countries to stay abreast of those realities. With 54 sovereign countries, and the second largest population as well as continental landmass, Africa, historically and currently, demands a closer look. Our experts will share their research on a range of subjects including: the paradoxes of “warlord democracy”; contemporary Nigerian art; environmental changes that affect people and animals; expanding education; and strategies for disease elimination.

March 9:  The Terrorist Album: Apartheid’s Insurgents, Collaborators, and the Security Police
JACOB S. T. DLAMINI, Assistant Professor, History Department, Princeton University          
March 16:  The Transformation of Education in Sub-Saharan Africa 
MARLAINE E. LOCKHEED, Former Acting Director for Education, World Bank
March 23:  The End of American Exceptionalism and the Question of Foreign Aid: Who Needs More Help?”
CAROLYN ROUSE, Professor of Anthropology and Chair, Department of Anthropology, Princeton University 
March 30:  Changing Dynamics of Infectious Diseases
C. JESSICA METCALF, Associate Professor, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology and Public Affairs, Princeton University
April 6:  Governance in Africa: Historical Roots and Future Prospects 
LEONARD WANTCHEKON, Professor, Politics and International Affairs, Princeton University
April 13:  African Languages in the 21st Century
FLORIAN LIONNET,  Assistant Professor, Program in Linguistics, Princeton University
April 20:  African Landscapes in Transition 
DANIEL RUBENSTEIN, Director, Program in Environmental Studies and Professor, Ecology & Environmental Biology, Princeton University
April 27:  African Modernism in America
PERRIN LATHROP, PhD candidate in Art History, Department of Art & Archeology Department, Princeton University 
May 4:  Africa and the Atlantic Entanglement    
SIMON GIKANDI, Robert Schirmer Professor and Chair, English Department, Princeton University