202) Level 2 High Beginner/Low Intermediate English

Princeton Adult School offers multi-skill classes on Tuesdays and conversation classes on Thursdays. The PAS ESL curriculum links each multi-skill class on Tuesdays to a conversation class on Thursdays. Students are encouraged to take both the Tuesday and Thursday classes to maximize learning. However, students may choose to register for just the Tuesday class or just the Thursday class.

The Tuesday night multi-skill classes teach reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Students learn conversational American English and review practical grammar, idioms, and vocabulary. The Thursday conversation classes are designed to help students improve oral communication skills and confidence in speaking. Students learn important vocabulary for common everyday topics and practice short presentations and dialogues.

NOTE: Each instructor will notify registered students for beginner level classes about the textbook for the course. Beginning students taking both Tuesday and Thursday courses at the same level will use the same textbook for both courses.