104A) Unusual Pairings

Courses 103–106 are taught by Rudie Smit, owner and head cheesemonger, Olsson’s Fine Foods.

With your fee, you will receive the class materials (cheese and their accompaniments) which you can pick up from the shop or have delivered (see below), a link to the class and an information sheet about the class with instructions. Due to shipping times, for anyone requesting out of town delivery, we have a registration deadline to make sure you get your cheese order in time for the class! Pick up in store is available and highly recommended. All fees include class materials.

Section A: Pick up at Olsson’s Fine Foods or delivery to 08540, 08542, 08525 Wed., Nov. 4, 7:00–8:00 pm, 1 session
Section B: Shipped to areas outside of zip codes listed above Wed., Nov. 4, 7:00–8:00 pm, 1 session

A great condiment paired with cheese enhances the flavor by bringing out unexpected notes like grassiness or nuttiness or adding complexity with a new texture. In this class, we will see how the physic law that like charges repel and unlike charges attract applies to cheese and pairing combinations. Would you dare combine cornichons with  a five-year-old cheddar? Does a shared terroir give you carte blanche?

Specific instructions will be included with the materials provided by Olsson’s two days before the class. The deadline to register for class is one week before the start of class. Please ensure you will have a cheese board, knives and teaspoons for the tasting. Class is limited to  ten students.