102) Walk and Talk: The Princeton Eating Clubs

A fascinating walk and talk along Prospect Avenue on the storied history and architecturally distinctive and unique Princeton University eating clubs with award winning historian, architect, and author Clifford Zink, who had written the definitively illustrated volume—The Princeton Eating Clubs—for the Princeton Prospect Foundation.

First session – The origins and evolution of the unique institution of the16 Princeton University Eating Clubs as reflected in the history of Prospect Avenue, along with interesting stories of Woodrow Wilson’s focus on the clubs, and of notable members over the decades. 

 Second session – The distinguished Eating Clubs along the western end of Prospect Avenue  reflect the Gilded Age aspirations of undergraduates, parents, and alumni from the 1890s through the 1920s, with fine examples of Colonial, Tudor, Norman, and Italian Revival Styles by prominent local, regional, and national architects, plus a focus on the disinctive architectural elements embodying the highly-skilled craftsmanship of the era.  

NOTE: Participants should wear comfortable strolling shoes and perhaps bring binoculars to better seen exterior architectural details. Clifford will be happy to autograph any books that participants might own and bring along. To those interested, Clifford will offer copies of his Princeton Eating Club book at 50% discount. Students should meet at 9:45 am the front lawn of Dial Lodge, 26 Prospect Ave, Princeton. There is metered parking along Prospect Ave, or you may find free parking at lot 10 off Williams Street.