017) From Underrated Movie Gems to Inside Documentaries and then on to Great Directors - A Summer Season of Films

The Great Directors: Alfred Hitchcock

This class will focus on the works of one of the greatest directors of them all: Alfred Hitchcock. We will study six of his films that came out between 1935 and 1960. Alfred Hitchcock was nicknamed the "Master of Suspense" with good reason. We will see how his craft developed throughout his career by watching and then discussing some of his most exciting and suspenseful films. Some of the films are available for free on Vimeo or Youtube, and some can be found on Amazon Prime or through other sources, which might also be free, or cost up to $4. We will begin with his early classic from 1935, The 39 Steps, which should be viewed before our first meeting (It is available for free on Youtube). The rest of the course will involve a mix of lesser-known gems with a few of his best-loved works. This class is for anyone who already loves the "Master of Suspense," or feels ready to be introduced to him.