151C) Authentic Mexican Cooking (includes all material fees)- Mastering the Main Course

Section C: Authentic Mexican Cuisine—Mastering the Main Course, Tues., 6:00–9:00 pm, April 28, 1 session

Learn the secrets of the Mexican cuisine, their origins, native ingredients used, and the most popular recipes to prepare traditional plates that you find in every traditional restaurant of Mexico. Learn how to prepare a mole sauce (a 17-ingredient sauce), chiles rellenos (stuffed chiles), cochinita Pibil (southeast style pork), pozole (no translation), or pescado a la veracruzana (east-style red snapper). Cook, try new flavors, have fun and bring with you some samples and recipes to replicate these delicacies at home. You will also learn a little bit of Mexico and why it has been recently named a foodie paradise.

*Note: Classes 149–151 meet in the kitchen of Nassau Presbyterian Church, 61 Nassau St., Princeton.