040) The Beautiful World of Needlepoint

From grand medieval tapestries and magnificent cathedral kneelers to household and personal items such as stools, dining room chairs, decorative pillows, needlepoint is an ancient and also current art form which can bring enormous satisfaction. In this class we will review the treasure trove of current day needlepoint artists, discuss design ideas, learn how to economize by doing our own “finishing”, and we will each design and make a coaster from beginning to end. We can choose to put a word or letter on our coasters, copy a geometric design, or choose an image such as a butterfly or flower. Many patterns will be available and you will be assisted in deciding on a pattern, colors and stitches. Materials and ideas for designs (and samples to look at) will be provided but feel free to come with your own ideas for colors and patterns. All levels welcome—from beginner to expert.

NOTE: There will be an $8 fee for supplies payable to the teacher on the first night if you wish to purchase a kit which includes canvas, needle, yarn, and backing material. You are also free to bring your own supplies.