034) Watercolor Magic: Capturing the Light

Are you drawn to this spontaneous light-filled medium? Or, to the directness of watercolor to capture a mood, a moment with simplicity and atmosphere. We’ll focus on basic painting principles like color mixing, value, shape and composition to create studies and completed paintings from still life, photos and imagination. The class is appropriate for newer and more experienced watercolor painters.

Supplies Available at Jerry’s Artarama Store or on line art supplies.
Paints:  Select Warm and Cool primary colors. Professional Winsor Newton (WN) tube paints have more pigment than student grade,  but cost more.
Winsor Newton watercolors .  5ml tubes ($7-9 each) I chose Series 1
Cool:  Winsor Lemon, Winsor Red, Winsor Blue (Gr. Shade)
Warm: Winsor Yellow deep or Naples, Scarlet Lake, Winsor Blue(Red shade),
Grumbacher Academy Student watercolor tubes: 5ml tubes $4 each
I picked colors that are not listed as HUE:.
Cool: Lemon Yellow ; Thalo Crimson or Thalo Red;  Thalo Bl
Warm: Golden Yellow; Scarlet Lake or Grumbacher Red; Ultramarine Blue
Optional:  Burnt Seinna,
Watercolor palette:  suitable for use with tube paints.
Mijello Airtight portablel palette  box with 18 well. (< $10).  
Covered Pike Palette: larger with 20 wells and lots of mixing space ( >$15.)
Watercolor paper
Arches or Fabariano Artistico 22 x 30” white (Cotton, 140# CP fine grain) $6-8 per sheet (Makes 6  10” x 11” sheets). Instructor will gave a sample 10 x 11 sheet at first session.  Or same quality paper in watercolor block 10 sheets 10 x 14 or similar. Brands, size, qulaity and price vary.
For sketches and studies: watermedia pad (not a sketch book for pencil). Strathmore, Fabriano or other Mixed Media Vellum or Bristol/Vellum white paper 11 x 14 or similar.  Backing Board 12 x15+/_  firm board -ittape single sheet to it.
Watercolor Brushes: Short handled Synthetic or Natural/synthetic mix.
Sizes: #6 or 8, Round, 10 or 12 Round.1/2” flat (Range for three $10-30
Other:  Two plastic water containers, paper towels, tissues, Pencil 2B, kneaded eraser, ½” white paper tape, one Tombow brush pen in earth tone or black.