032) Portrait Drawing

This course will focus on the fundamentals of drawing portraits, including composition, proportion, spatial relationships, perspective, volume, light and shadow, value and texture. We will explore the notion of visual perception. Students should bring a photo on their phone, tablet or a print of someone of whom they would like to make a portrait. The first two classes will focus on drawing in black and white. The last two will focus on the use of color in their portraits. Students should have some drawing experience before taking this course.

Materials needed for class: kneaded eraser, spray fixative, charcoal pencil (soft), compressed charcoal sticks, Vine charcoal sticks, small set of pastels, one white pastel pencil, one sanguine pastel pencil, one red pastel pencil, one blue pastel pencil, one yellow pastel pencil, and a pad of grey or white pastel drawing paper.