004) Coptic Christianity: Then & Now

The Coptic Orthodox Christians – the indigenous people of Egypt and the ancestors of the Ancient Egyptians – played a formative role in the early days of the Christian Church. A once homogenous community that was relatively unknown to most people in the world, the Coptic Christians have spread all over the world. Beyond the likes of better known Copts such as Mina Massaoud (Alladin), Ramy Malek (Mr. Robot), and Botros Botros-Ghali (United Nations Secretary General from 1992 to 1996), Coptic Christians often display a unique spirituality shaped by their experience as an occupied people over the past 2,000 years. Come learn about the largest religious minority in the Middle East. Topics will include the origin and basic tenets of the Coptic faith, history of persecution, relationship to the Catholic faith and other Orthodox Christian faiths, fasts and festivals, how priests are chosen and educated, Coptic art, the Coptic diaspora, and the Coptic Church in dealing with modernity.