019) Eight Great Foreign Films

Don’t be scared of subtitles. Foreign films are not all dark, complicated, boring, or tragic. Just like American movies, foreign films vary in genre and tone. One thing every foreign movie does do, however, is show us cultures that are different from our own through the one thing that has linked every citizen from every country since the beginning of time: the story. Through cinematic storytelling, these eight great foreign films will take us around the world. Some of the stories will be comedies, others will be more dramatic and serious. They will all allow us to see countries and cultures that we may never get a chance to visit on our own. This class is perfect for anyone interested in watching and talking about movies. We will deconstruct these pictures together and approach each film as a work of art. Here are a few of the films that will be shown in this course:

The Lives of Others
The Conformist
8 1/2
Run Lola Run
The Red Shoes